How a CBCT Scan will help assist all areas in dentistry.

Airway Assessments: Predicts potential problems which might be encountered during surgery, allowing a management plan to be developed ahead of time.

Dental Implants:  This innovative tool makes surgical placement of implants less invasive and more predictable.  CBCT scanning software allows diagnostic determination if bone quantity and quality exists and can be used to virtually place dental implants using the computer program prior to any surgical intervention.  CBCT scanning software eliminates possible manual placement errors and matches planning to prosthetic requirements. Prosthetic reconstruction is thus made simpler since the implants are appropriately positioned to allow for fabrication of the final prosthesis.

Extractions: Helps determine location of nerves, sinus, and roots

Orthodontics: Jaw symmetry, configuration of roots, impacted canines

•Oralmaxillofacial:  Orthognathic surgery, fractures, jaw pathology

Periodontics: Sinus augmentation, advanced grafting procedures, periodontal defects

Endodontics: Canal measurements, additional canals, configuration of root canals

TMJ/TMD: Detetection of bony defects, asymmetry, spurs, condylar changes

ENT Specialists: Sinus and airway studies