For over Seven years, Titanium Dental Imaging has been providing CBCT for oral maxillofacial surgical applications, particularly for complex cases of skeletal abnormality and those requiring combined orthodontic/surgical management.

The Benefits of Titanium Dental Imaging Cone Beam CT for OMFS

Large volume CBCT scans are frequently used in planning the definitive orthognatic procedure and it is now the preferred imaging method.

A key aspect of image quality will be that we choose our CBCT scanning equipment for its image uniformity across the field of view. This means that both the virtual and 3D-printed anatomical models will be sharper than and not as noisy as what cheaper equipment other CBCT imaging centres use for their scans.

We work with both private consultants and NHS Trusts who rely on us for high imaging quality and modelling for them to achieve a very high success surgery rate in surgery and treatment and patient outcomes.

Fast, Accurate and Low Dose

Most of our OMFS scans are done in upright position with a fast scanning time of approximately 10 seconds for children and 20 seconds for adults. Extra-low dose protocols will be especially used every time the emphasis for the imaging is on diagnosis only.


Our OMFS scans are reported by highly experienced UK-registered radiologists. Our in-house medical physics expertise is also at hand to help with the methodology associated with comparing pre- and post-surgery scans, with clinical and surgical accuracy measurements.

Large volume CBCT