Conversion Services

As  with  all  work  performed  by our dental imaging expert,  your  conversions  will  possess  the  highest  quality. In  addition  our specialists  are  always  available  to  answer  any  questions  or  address  any  concerns  that  you may  have.    We  can  convert your cases on a need to be basis or feel free to call +61 02 8850 1833 us to discuss conversion package deals that we have in place or case by case basis that is not of your satisfaction by other providers. We understand not everyone can come to us. We provide this service locally, nationally and internationally.

Converts DICOM files into SimPlant (Facilitates Astra / Navigator  3i).

User friendly, secure web-based upload tools.

Scatter    reduction,    3D    masking,    and    nerve estimation   drawing   available as   well   special requests for certain refions of interest.

Segmentation      of      maxillofacial      structures (including,   teeth,   stents   or   appliances,   and regions   of   interest)   which   will   will   result   in sharp,  crisp  and  clean  diagnostic  case  studies that will eliminate guess work.

Free technical support.

24-48 hour turnaround times and same day service.

Free viewing software available.HIPPA compliant secure portal designated to your practice which contins your case studies, and downloads.

High resolution 1:1 scale printouts (wide format and letter size

Outstanding and responsive customer service team